Hannah Blue Murray-King grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin. Her parents made the decision to home school her, which allowed her to pursue her own interests from an early age.  Consequently, she spent most of her childhood drawing. Her passion for art led her to Chicago, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Life Drawing from the American Academy of Art in 2013. 

Personal Statement:

To my eyes, the world is an unbelievably beautiful place. I think people are usually too caught up in their lives and themselves to notice the incredible beauty of the world around them, and bringing this beauty to people's attention is my reason for making art. I was originally captured by the beauty of the human body, especially the beauty most people wouldn't give a second glance; the subtleties of the shadows on a knee, or the graceful curves of the sagging skin on an old woman's back. As I learned and grew and matured as an artist, I started to notice this beauty echoed in the world around me - or maybe its the beauty of the world that's echoed by the human body. For me, art is not about self expression. It's about depicting and (quite literally) re-framing the beauty of the world in order to point it out to people who might not otherwise see it.