Week Seven Life Drawing.

I got super excited about this pose immediately. The space and shadows were just amazing from every angle. It took me a while to decide on my composition because there were just so many great options. I ended up choosing this one because I really liked the slashing diagonal shadows and the many triangles in the limbs and the negative space. For this one I also decided to work a bit larger because I wanted to be able to take full advantage of this pose. I've been working 12x12, but this one is 14x14.


To start, I just blocked in in one flat tone for the light shapes and another for the darks.

Stage one.


Now I've rendered more of the form, but (again) my value structure isn't too strong; the lights are all too similar. Also, my shadow edges are too uniformly hard, and the colors are all just a little too red.

Stage two.

The colors in this picture aren't quite true to life! I diversified my shadow edges, leaving cast shadows with a hard edge and softening the rest. I also refined the value structure, giving the drawing a lot more midtones which makes the lights on the shin the breast stand out more. I decided to leave the background the grey of the paper, and cooled down a lot of the darks.