I Don't Know How I'm Going To Do This

This is a self portrait I did in watercolor. It's a mixed-media piece, watercolor and matte medium (which is basically like clear plastic....) and collage. I've never used matte medium before, it was so strange! Basically what you do is put down a layer and paint on top of it. The nice thing about it is it creates really cool textures, and since it's plastic you can wipe the paint right off if you want, or put on another layer to seal what you have down already. You can also mix the paint with the matter medium, which makes it almost like painting with acrylics (textured, opaque.) I did the face just with watercolor on paper, and the hair with matte medium.

The text reads "je ne sais pas comment je vais cette faire", which is French, and means "I don't know how I'm going to do this." Read into that what you will.