Halfway point

I've been here six of my alloted eleven weeks which, according to math, means I only have five weeks left.

And I've only made three blog entries! This is why I've never really had a blog before; I suck at it.

I finally finished my first Bargue a week or so ago – Charles Bargue made a set of drawings designed to teach aspiring artists to draw, and copying these drawings has been a classical method of learning used by many artists, including van Gogh and Picasso. These drawings are so tedious! But I do feel like it's teaching me something.

Anyway, yesterday was the final day of my four week drawing with the model, which turned out relatively well... I'm not in love with it, but we're using a much more structured method than what I'm used to, so in terms of learning something new I think it's fine. I do really enjoy the pencil drawing sessions, which I never thought would be the case, and I absolutely love the extra student portrait sessions because I can draw however I damn well please :)

Let's see, what else is there to say about Italy itself? For one thing, I haven't seen a single spork. This is totally unimportant, but it's one of the weird things I was wondering about before I came here... Also, my luck with second hand shops has been pretty bad. I was hoping to get some fabulous thrifting done while here but the only really good shops are also really expensive because they're not "second hand", they're "vintage". 

Anyway, many many many heartfelt apologies for being so terrible at blogging, I feel pretty guilty about it... more to come before I leave, promise!!

Here's a pencil study... Love this model, she's like a beautiful rock.

Here's a pencil study... Love this model, she's like a beautiful rock.