So, so happy to be off the plane!! That being said, if you ever have to fly overseas I highly recommend Swiss International Airlines. Apart from the fact that long flights just suck no matter what, I was tres tres satisfied with their services. I ordered "chicken and rice" for dinner, which was pretty good, and tuey brought croissants and yogurt for breakfast. Did I mention the completely free alcohol for the entire flight? Even on the connecting flight which was only an hour, we got croissants and chocolate.

Anyway, I'm in Italy now. It's fucking gorgeous. Florence is surrounded by mountains, and the streets are all really narrow and windy and the architecture is great... I knew all this intellectually, but it's crazy in person. Like a never ending scene from a movie.

I still haven't made it to my school or my apartment yet. I'm pretty anxious to take that next step! For now I'm just going to wander around, drink wine, and soak up Italy.